3 reasons Why I quit Facebook.

Wait! there should be a continuation on my title, Why I quit facebook… and made another one. Because why not? quitting facebook doesn’t mean I don’t like it anymore. It’s just that the account that I had has too many posts that I’ve been seeing on the daily basis lately that I actually doesn’t wanted to see.

I already knew what were you thinking..

“Ang arte mo naman , eh di wag ka nalang mag facebook kung ayaw mo makita sila”

Probably you’re right but perhaps I have my reasons why I continuously using facebook then even though it’s not already good for myself. We’ll cross that bridge when we come it.

Let’s now talk about some of the things you see on social media—facebook to be exact that will also give you reasons to maybe not use them again.

Your FB friends posts:

There are so many things that you don’t want to see on your friend’s posts, For example : We all have that friend who shares a minute by minute of multiple posts about his/her drama on their timeline that is so already annoying to see . Posting your thoughts on facebook is definitely okay if you set some boundaries that the other people should not see on your own feed. I know that I’m not in the right place to judge but we just can’t help but to notice these kind of media users that has been already eaten by the system of Facebook—I mean Society. Posting your rant is okay , If you’re broken post it, it’s your own timeline anyways, but again set some boundaries . Don’t let people know all your happenings in life because there are more life outside the facebook. And also posting your personal problems on facebook is not helping you to solve, it’s actually make even worst. Try to make it more private so that it will be more less stressful to you and to the people around you and it’s for your own good. Imagine waking up in the morning and then suddenly you read all those kind of posts.

The pages that you liked:

Way back then when the time I am so desperate of having some posts to see on my own news feed. I “like” every pages I see even though I am not interested of the content, I click the like button anyways. And now I’m regretting it, because there are over a thousands of pages appearing on my feed at sobrang istorbo kasi hindi ko na halos makita yung mga post ng mga close friends ko dahil sa mga pages . And most of the pages that I “like” are worthless at all. They all have the same post , same caption , and the same content . Especially filipino made pages, Sorry but I think they were paid to do or to post the same content over and over again. They used to be fun back then but now I don’t know why they’ve become what they are right now. Pinlano ko iunlike sila one by one pero sobrang rami haha di ko kinaya.

The Netizens :

Some of the “Netizens” are becoming so bad that it happened to be that they always bashing people just because of their “trip” . Personally , I really don’t get the idea of bashing; is it because you don’t like what you see so you will comment on the post to make the situation more even worst ? Why not try to report it on facebook if in case you think it is very inappropriate to see , so that It’ll be removed. Or try to just ignore them and not to share , because you believe that those things doesn’t deserve to have a place on Facebook. And also those kind of acts will also leads to Cyberbullying.

Well actually , We should not blame the Facebook itself that we are using , perhaps we should be thankful of it . Because this kind of things contributes a big help to the society or to the world. (Wow! big word ) Pero diba , nasa tao lang naman talaga yung problema eh , Tayo lang naman yung nag papasama at nagpapaganda sa isang bagay . Pero ngayon sa nakikita ko at nakikita ng karamihan , talagang pinili na ng ibang tao ang talagang maging kanser sa lipunan. But to give the benefit of the doubt, these people should (of course) be forgiven because they are also humans like us, but I hope that every one of us should have a great sense of responsibility of using facebook wisely.

Ayos lang naman kahit na maging bad karin minsan pero wag naman yung sukdulan na ng sama haha. As what they’ve said nothing is perfect, every one of us commits sins but everything’s should come with moderation . PARA BALANSE . PARA MASAYA ANG BUHAY

PS. I am currently enjoying my new facebook account . It’s so clean !!