Why Mr. Nice?

Let me first ask you a question , what is a nice person for you? Are you following some kind of standards or list —that is actually made by yourself —whom you considered as a nice person . Or you consider a person that is nice just because of the way how they treat you and don’t care how they treat others. As long as they’re nice to you ..like who cares !

Based on the top definition from the urbandictionary.com by Kara Inzuki April 10, 2010

A Nice person is…

1. A person you find is kind and caring.

2. An endangered species

And that is how people defies a nice person .

Anyway , Let me get this things straight that I myself , without bragging too much humbly consider myself as a Nice person. Thanks to my parents for raising me well but not so well haha , thanks for being harsh to me at some times(actually most of the time ) and of course thanks for the time when my parents became so naughty that as a result, I begun to be formed on my mother’s womb. But no, really hahaha kidding aside , Thank you for being my parents , Love the both of you tho.

I actually don’t have what so-called “Qualifications” when it comes of being such a nice person , I just like to do nothing but nice to other people , however; sometimes , I am not nice to myself. I’m sensitive when it comes to that so lets just take that aside maybe someday I can write about that here on my blog , but right now … i don’t have the guts to do such.

Maybe now , you think of me being so nice in a point that I give money to the homeless people , I give all of my salaries to my parents , I help other people who seems so helpless , I’m nice because I’m a working student , no.. not really, and a misconception roaming around that nice people doesn’t get angry , how about no.. that is so impossible. Being nice and kind is actually the same as we notice it but for me it is kinda different thing to be compared. And being generous is a whole different kind of thing compares to nice. —except the spelling.

But unfortunately, there is still probably an inevitable consequences that despite of you being so nice to them , there are certain people who disregards all and still doing bad things and taking an advantage to you. That is I think the most awful and saddest part of being a nice person.

Everyone can be nice ,in all forms; whoever you are or whatever you are ,whether you’re Black , White , Asian . Whether you’re a Catholic , Muslim or whatsoever religion you are belong in ; you are tend to be nice . Imagine a world full of nice people , What a nice world don’t you think?

And I strongly believe that it is way more easier to do nice things rather than doing bad , that’s for sure , so whats bothering you? stop being prohibitive at some point of time.

So that’s all , I am Mr. Nice Guy

What about you , how do you consider a nice person ?

oh wait, one more thing , not because we’re nice , doesn’t mean we do not swear.

” Tang*na , masama kaya magmura . gago ka pala e “


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